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Who We Are

Today the we is really just me, Tim Nolte. What is available here is primarily just a channel for me to continue giving back to the community that has provided a solid platform for accomplishing just about anything you can imagine.


CMS Design Using PHP and jQueryI've been involved with web development since 1997, which means that it's now been almost over 2 decades. My first website was for a local dairy facility, Davisco Foods International, in my home town of Le Sueur, MN. I setup my first install of WordPress in 2005 for my personal blog, which has seen upgrades of WordPress, new themes, and even a new domain name within the past few years. I always hacked away a WordPress themes I was using back then. In 2007 I developed my first theme from scratch for my church, using a design provided by the creative arts director. In addition to my time spent with WordPress I've also done a lot of development or customizations in other languages or other web-based tools. And, though it doesn't have the greatest reviews, I was actually a technical reviewer on a book from Packt Publishing titled CMS Design Using PHP and Jquery in 2010. Being a part of that book was a good lesson in trying to understand what all goes on under the hood of WordPress.

Going Forward...

Today I'm a developer at Sprint for both backend services and frontend web clients. I was also, up until recently, the Web Communications Director for my church where I had actually spent a lot of time in WordPress doing both theme & plugin development. Through both professional and personal opportunities I've had a hand in many diverse WordPress installs on the whole gamut of hosting platforms, from simple shared hosting, to VPS, to full managed hosting by Pressable. I've recently begun work on the featured plugin here and hope to find it in the repository sometime soon. Thanks for visiting and don't hesitate to get in touch!