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Scheduled Featured Images First Unit Tests Committed

I’m happy to report that some of the first unit tests for the Scheduled Featured Images plugin have been committed to the current development working fork. There is still much work to be done, and a lot of time is being spent on plugin code organization and making sure it is developed in the most modern way, including the use of Composer for namespace autoloading, as well as making sure a goal of 100% unit test code coverage can be obtained.


Most of the development was put on hold during the month of October to devote time to contributing to #Hacktoberfest . I contributed to both the Yoast WordPress SEO & Seriously Simple Podcasting plugins. It was a blast to spend a bunch of time using my past experience with writing my own podcasting plugin to contribute to one of the popular WordPress plugins out there for the general public. I also enjoy taking part in helping in a small way with the WordPress SEO plugin since it is one I pretty much use on any WordPress site I setup or manage. Depending on how well received the Scheduled Featured Images plugin is, and what features are asked for or bugs found, I will probably throw some items out there for Hacktoberfest as well.

The hope right now is that a beta of the Scheduled Featured Images plugin will be ready for testing by the end of November with the hopes that the plugin will be ready for submission to the WordPress Plugin Team by the end of December. Would be an awesome Christmas gift to see my plugin hit the WordPress plugin repo over the holidays. We’ll see what the schedule allows for.

I will try to post weekly updates on progress here on out for anyone interested in following the project status. Till next update! Cheers!

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