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WooCommerce Local Pickup Time 1.3.2 Nearing Release

We are waiting for some final localization changes to be completed before releasing version 1.3.2 of the Local Pickup Time WooCommerce plugin. This release includes both a fix as well as a couple of new features. In addition there is some heavy refactoring and development tooling changes to hopefully reduce future development time, as well as be even more open to developer contributions. We don’t have an exact ETA today but the hope it to roll out the update in the next week or two.

Once version 1.3.2 comes out we’ll hopefully have the next 1.3.3 release ready within the following month. We’re hoping to continue monthly releases to include fixes, enhancements, and verification of supported platform versions(PHP, WordPress, WooCommerce). As we work on new releases we will be slowly adding unit tests in order to future proof changes from causing breaking changes.

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